Component selecting

I mad a tiled wall made up of 1 components tile. i then did the edges (cuts) by making the tile unique. I had problems grouping all the tiles together and had to select each one individually so as not to select the ceiling and floor etc. is there a better way to do this?
Also after i made all the tiles a component, i tried to select them but it only selects individual tiles and not the complete component wall.
Its very frustrating but i know it has a really simple solution but i just can´t work it out.
Thanks for any help

You can use ThomThom’s Slection Toys to select all instances of the same component in just 3 clicks.

Making a component of a tile is definitly not the ‘normal’ SketchUp way, it is mostly done with textures applies on a wall. However, depending 'who is it for ’ you could go all the way for specific details. In past ,I’ve made components of tiles with different layers: tile itself, grout, adhesive and underlay sometimes added layer for installation purposes. In my template I had set up some scenes which had control over these layers (only layers were affected, no camera etc) thus , I could easily switch to a view(scene) what made selection more comfortable.

Thanks, very helpful guys

I tried this but when I want to upload a picture of a tile in my render program or in SKetchup I get a ‘tiling effect’ as in I get the same pattern repeated over and over again. Not good when the tiles are supposed to be natural stone.

A texture image covers a finite area. If the surface you are painting is larger, of course you’ll get tiling. You need an image of a region as large or larger than the area you need to texture.

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