Why am I not able to select all lines for making component?

Hi. I am trying to select wall 1 (and the window on it) and make a component of it but when I move the wall after making it a component, I see the box opening for window is not selected and hence left out. I tried selecting the entire wall and window again but again, these few lines are left out each time. What wrong am I doing and how to proceed?h1,.skp (3.3 MB)

h2 (SU 2017).skp (726.9 KB)
I redrawn your walls, windows, floor …, put it in groups and components, assign layers.
When you want to resize windows/doors, use the Move tool, not the Scale tool.

Go to Window > Model Info > Units and change back to your default units (I worked in the metric system).

Learn about the basics here: https://learn.sketchup.com/track/sketchup-fundamentals-part-1

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