How to randomize 4 different tiles variants

Hello. very common need but no easy solution in sketchup? why there is no option in this software like randomize or sekect more than one material then select area and randomize…why the software team is sleeping? …how should i put this 4 different textures into the empty floor - i am lost after one year with sketchup which is sad…i have extensions like attached which are not sutiable for this. ex eneroth randomize - takes filled textures and mixes them but first you need to have all tiles with textures which is not for this

Google: sketchup texture randomizer…

see this post : Simple question about color copy (newbie in SketchUp) - #2 by paul.millet
it can be done in a few clicks
using a texture instead of modelizing every single tile is good too !

Just a note: A truly random arrangement won’t produce a layout that looks “nicely random” to the human eye. It will have ugly splotches and zigzags. That is the nature of the math. All the “random” tiling, window placement etc. so popular in architecture about ten years ago has in reality been composed carefully by a human. The floor you show might be the product of a randomizing algorithm. You have to use your eyes.