Layer Menu Color/Dashes - Copy Paste Option

Hi there Community!!!

Just droping a request! Is it possible, on a future update, we could have some sort of copy paste action (right click/drop down menu, for example) over the color option and dashes on the layer menu on Sketchup.
Just like to organize the layers by colors, and by dashes and it would be way quicker to have it instead of having to select on by one.
Do you think it would be easy/possible?

Thanks a lot!

Currently you can select multiple layers and change their dashes style en masse.

You can’t do that for layer colors currently. Generally layer colors are all different so that color by layer actually makes it possible to discern layer associations for different groups and components.

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Dear @DaveR

Thank you for your reply! Didn’t know that! It helps a lot on the dashes. It would be great to have the same function for the colors. Normally the display by color is what I use, but sometimes have different layers with the same color just to help visualize!

Maybe it would be possible to edit colors for a set of layers using a ruby script. Maybe that already exists. I’ve never needed it so haven’t looked.

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Yes, the layer color is exposed in the Ruby API so this is feasible. LIke you I’ve never needed it so never coded one or looked to see if anyone else has.