Splat changing layer colors

2019…Select multiple layers and click on color box in layer menu and SPLAT.

Are you trying to change color by layer of multiple layers to the same color?


I wasn’t aware that it would be possible to change the layer color on more than one layer at a time. I don’t get a bug splat but I can only change the color on one layer at a time even with multiple layers selected. No Bug Splat, though.

I had like 15 layers selected at the same time. I was surprised it wouldn’t work. Oh well I guess it’s one at a time.

I’m not understanding, why would you change 15 layers to the same colour?

I would never have thought of trying to change 15 layers to the same color, especially all at once.

Because I don’t use layer colors to apply to entities. I do color code groups of layers in the panel. It just makes it easier to see where a group begins and ends. Even some rudimentary layer management tools would be nice. I tried o couple of the popular plugins but I don’t like them. I really prefer to use as much native tools as possible. So I use prefixes to get them to sort a certain way and color to make the sorted groups visually apparent. I know I’m a noodle.

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