Change 'color by object' to 'color by layer'

Any way to change ‘color by object’ to ‘color by layer’ and vice versa?

Styles tray>Edit>Modeling settings, check the olor by Layer box and save the changes to your style.

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Not really what I’m after, perhaps I didn’t explain too well.
If the color by layer is say red, can I copy that color over to all objects on that layer, without doing all layers individually, so all the colors will look the same whether ‘color by layer’ is ticked or unticked?

Select all layers, change color for all?
Shift select between, ctrl/cmd seperately doesn’t work. Feature request ?

There’s no built in method for doing that. You could apply colors to the groups/components in the model and edit the colors to match the settings for the colors by layer or the other way round.

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