Color by layer for LO

This would be very useful when one creates content for scrapbook and one can have the option to assign color by layer instead of going by one by one modifying all the copies.



It would be better to have styles by layer and/or by object family (texts, dimensions, leaders). This way, having a standard style change would affect all items under the standard style. Then color or style by layer would override some of these standard style properties which could also be manually overriden.

you have to have the option in colors to be by layer and only override that…if you have dimension and only the text has color (layer) then only the text is picking the color like AutoCAD…using styles if I understood your suggestion I think is very generic…it would not be easier assign inside of your library the color that you would change instead?

I always use black. I prefer changing line and arrow styles depending on the layer I’m working with.

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