Color by layer pre set

How do I pre-set the colors by default layers?
When I create new layers, the associated colors are very similar to each other (they are all brown / orange). And I have to change them each time I create a new layer.
I thought about creating a template with many layers with the colors already set. But in fact I don’t want a template with many layers.
I just want that each time I create a new layer, the default color is usable and contrasting.
How do I do that?

One way is to add a bunch of your normal layers to an empty model, name them and give them the colors you prefer. Add any scenes and styles you normally use, then save the model as a template.

SketchUp does not have a native option list of default colors to use when adding layers. There may be some plugins that will attempt to provide this. Try searching the Ruby API category for “layer color”.

I’d think it better to have an extension that colors layers according to prefix. For example when in Color By Layer mode, a user might want all dimension layers some shade of green. So a plugin (implementing a LayersObserver,) could recolor a layer whose name begins with “Dim” to this green.

Thanks, It’s a nice idea. I’ll see if I can find a plugin to get this feature.

I recently used some code:

It’s probably more than I’m asking for :wink:
I’ll take a look at it.
Thank you for your feedback.

You can use Eneroth Extract Layers to grab the layers of a model where you like the colors and add them into a newer model.

It’s a nice idea. Thank you Julia,