How to make this brickwork texture

HI not sure if I am posting in the right place as I am new here.I am trying to do a model of a local sports facility for practice and managed to get hold of some drawings or at least some elevations. The brickwork is crazy complex. I tried to import some textures of bricks and painstakingly put different brick textures…but life is too short and I was not very successful.
Does anybody have any thoughts on how I might acive this texture?


Crop the photo you posted

Drag and drop it to SketchUp. Explode it.

Thanks[mihai. I tried that but it will never look photorrealistic as I cannot apply a bump map so it will look very flat and unconvincing. Do you think it would be abble to create a normal map from the images?

If you learn, you may be able to create that map, not only NORM map, but also BUMP, AO, SPEC, etc.

You will also need a rendering program to be able to load the additional textures needed for a photorealistic render image.

Start searching on Youtube for tutorials and learn.

with Materialize

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And if you want to create textures at high resolution (2K, 4K, 8K), you can use Quixel Mixer or Substance Painter, which will allow you to create custom textures, as well as automatically generate the necessary maps - Albedo, AO, Diffuse, Displacement, Normal, Roughness, Specular, etc.

Just an idea of how it works

and a SketchUp V-ray rendering, using textures previously created with Quixel Mixer


Thanks for your help that program is amazing!

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I just realised how much work you put int your “tutorial” It will change the way I do things. If I were to chose 1 program would it be Quixel?