Help Finding / Creating Maps for a Rare Texture


I’ve been adding photorealistic textures to my Vray renders using maps from the site Poliigon. However, the latest texture I need for my render doesn’t appear to be offered on the website. The texture I’m looking for is below:

Does anyone know any other websites on which I might find photo real maps for this texture. If not, is it possible for me to create my own maps?

Also, I did find texture on Poliigon which is similar to the one I’m after, although it’s now exactly identical. I’ve attatched a link to this below, is there anyway of manipulating this into the texture I want?

Many Thanks,

You could learn to make your own textures. You can try it in Photoshop/Affinity or you can use specialized software for something like this:

Quixel Mixer or Substance Designer


That looks like something best addressed by applying a bump map of the shapes to a metal surface.

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Thanks for the help, I’ll have a look into those programs