Texture Websites for Sketchup Vray


I mostly use Poliigon for uploading textures. Poliigon is limited on the amount of textures it offers.

Can anyone forward anymore texture websites similar to Poliigon in quality. I am willing to pay for the textures if needed.

Have you looked at the Chaos Cosmos library that is included with V-Ray?

You’ve got another sites offering PBR] like CGAxis - 3D models, PBR, HDRI for your 3D visualizations projects

Free resources such as
ambientCG - Public Domain Resources for Physically Based Rendering
Textures | cgbookcase.com

You could also look at Adobe Substance - that gives you access to procedural texture generation, which allows you to create almost anything and alter (often substantially) the textures they provide

They have over 11k assets which can be modified, giving you a near infinite amount of variety

Substance 3D Assets (adobe.com)

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Thanks for the response Adam . Very helpful.

I went onto the Substance 3D Assets web site. When you subscribe or upload a material does it offer the maps required for uploading a texture like Color, Gloss, Reflection and Bump.

It works a little differently- it will actually generate those maps from the format that is created.

If you want to get a sense of how it works - take a look what you can get hold of for free

Download the substance player
Substance Player | Substance Player (adobe.com)

Then head over to ambient CG and download one of their free substance files .SBSAR

Such as this one
Wood Floor Substance 007 on ambientCG

If you open the SBSAR you’ll be able to see a material preview as awell as various sliders to be able to create a unique material (you can experiment with the files in the substance site too via the web player)

Once you’ve created something you like you can hit the “export to bitmap” option and it will give you the option to generate the maps you require forV-Ray and other renderers.

Basecolour - normal - roughness in the case of V-Ray

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Thanks again Adam

I never heard of the substance played until now.

I am trying to find a slate floor tile. I found one on The SketchUp Texture Club. It has maps but not sure if they will work with VRay. I tried uploading to Substance Player but I guess when a texture already has the texture maps it won’t work on the substance player.