[Vray] Materials and textures

I’m sorry to come here and query another developers software but the chaos group forum is proving difficult. I can’t post, reply of anything on there.

So to ask any of you folk if you use V-Ray where you get your materials and textures from, I’d be glad to hear your recommendations.

I am also following few tutorials on youtube etc and making fair progress with the software so far. Many refer to the V-Ray express tools. Are these still available? I can’t find a download for these. They look to be useful for having some basic preset lighting and material files to get me moving into learning the rendering side of things before emerging into producing my own materials etc.

Appreciate any help from you folk and again apologies for bringing this here.

I use textures to make my own materials. SketchUp Texture is the greatest free library of textures on the Internet at the moment: https://www.sketchuptextureclub.com/

Also, here’s a recent interesting article I’ve found: The Art of Rendering: How to Create “Lugano Lake House” Using SketchUp, V-Ray and Photoshop - Architizer Journal

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