Rendering on SketchUp Live this week

It’s been a long time request, and this week it’s official: @eric-s is showing How To Render in SketchUp Live - YouTube

Join in for tips, tricks, fun, and beautifully rendered images. Hip-hip-hooray for SketchUp & V-Ray!


I hope you’re recording it as this is one time I can’t watch live, but very interested in the subject.

I wasn’t able to watch it live, but I could now watch the recording, very worth seeing! I learned many useful tips and tricks. Thanks @eric-s !

Two additional tips:

  • Removing material is also possible directly with this Vray tool without a plugin:
  • For curved surfaces, when the texture is very fragmented, the projection with Vray can give a better result (e.g. the dome of the tower)
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Thanks @Cotty for watching and the additional tips. Good catch that V-Ray included that function for removing materials without needed an additional extension. I also remove materials from model when I’m not rendering - hence why I default to Materials Tools :wink:

I think a session about interiors (sunlit and/or with artificial lights) would be in order. That is what most of the V-Ray rendering topics in the forum are about. To me it seems that placing and configuring lights is a subject that causes many users to overcomplicate things and to paint themselves in corners.