Downloaded material for Vray. But havong trouble adjusting it

Hi, I just downloaded a material (decorative plaster) from CGMood. It shows as a light beige plaster, but when I download the files it doesn’t have that colour, but several files like ‘diffuse’, ‘fresnel’ etc, the settings in Vray and a dwg file. Tweaking it in VRay doesn’t bring me what I want. The files were just jpg. Is this trustworty?
I’m just looking for a nice warm ivory decorative plaster but not as rude as concrete

This file has 4 colours - the 4 diffuse files refer to the colours of the plaster.

The other files you need to plug into the appropriate v-ray slots.

Looking at the file names, I would do -

You may need to swap surface control to roughness - I can’t tell from the name alone

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Thank you for your help. Very much appreciated… It’s much better now. Have a very nice weekend!

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