Fabric in vray differ in materials option and render

Hi, I wanted to use a fabric material from vray but when I tried to render it came out to a different colour.
For example I choose pastel blue but when render it came out as brown.
Notice on the left on vray it shows blue but on the right material it show brown but its the same material
Can anyone help me,its urgent

Try changing the color from pastel to brown in the V-Ray Asset Editor instead of SU materials window. Just click on the color box where it says ‘Diffuse’ and choose the same brown color from there.

But I want the colour to remain pastel blue, the problem is it suddenly changes to brown :confused:

Edit: I see you say you tried rendering it…for me it shows up as teal even though it’s brown in the model. I don’t know why/how Chaos Group creates their materials the way they do so can’t really answer the question…but I’ve seen that on other materials as well so I wouldn’t worry that something is wrong.

If you delete the material, purge unused materials, and reapply a fresh version, does it still show brown?

Ok, I think I see what Chaos Group did. The material itself is a linked brown image file. Then in the pastel blue material, they applied color corrections to it.
When you open your material and expand ‘ColorCorrection’, do you see these numbers for hue, etc? If not then something got lost or disconnected and it’s likley rendering the material without the color corrections applied.

Yesss got it!!! Thank you!! I dont know why it automatically change it to brown.
Anyways, if I want to change the pastel blue colour to something else,how can I do it?

Do what Eric told you and show you in the last photo.