Vray Render is showing the wrong color for material

I am using Sketchup Pro 2023 and the most current Vray for SketchUp (up to date as of last week). I am attempting to add the materials and their properties via the options on the Chaos Cosmos. My “white” trim is rendering as a tan-ish brown when it should be white. I got the material from Chaos Cosmos and it even shows white, in the asset editor. I will gladly include screenshots of the material properties.

I only dabble in Vray and I cannot figure out why the trim, fascia and gutters are the tanish-brown.
(Note, I do not have all materials setup in Vray, so some still do look very flat)

Your sunlight is not white.

Oh! I didn’t even think of that. I will tweak it and see. This is the first outdoor rendering I’ve done!