Question on vray material settings

when you change the color in the material settings in Sketchup, the color in the vray material settings changes, but if you change the texture color in the material settings in Sketchup, then the texture color does not change in the vray
Next material settings and does not change when rendering, you have to use Color Corection in the Vray material settings to change the color of the texture, thanks for the answer!

Hi, what version of Next are you using? the current version supports Sketchup material tray colour changes (previous versions did not).


the color does not change exactly with materials with a texture, the material in which only the color changes

You need to ensure it is enabled in the integration…
it will only be visible in the render or interactive render.

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thank you with all my heart !!! happened

And you don’t know why when rendering Fredo 6 ANIMATOR there is no animation, I attached a video