Sketchup Vray change the color of Vray material

Hi! I would like to change the color of my material in VRay but when i try to change it. Nothing happens.
As you can see in the screenshot, the color is much more orange than the color on the example above. Can someone help me with getting the color that I want?


Currently you have a wood texture applied , so right click the little blue checkerboard on the right and choose clear to remove it

You can then set a solid color.

Or click into the checkerboard and it will take you to an area with your texture, there are some color manipulation options that you can use to adjust the colour of the texture itself if you want to change the shade of the wood.

So you can’t have the same material characteristics as the wood texture but in a different color?

You can, I just described how you do that.

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Are you trying to make it look like the wood has been painted and the grain is telegraphing through? Like on these stools?

Not particularly, but can you explain that to me? Because i will need it at some point :slight_smile:

If you remove the wood texture under colour , but leave the bump map and the other ones in, that will give you a solid colour with wood grain, usually you can just change the gloss/roughness to make it a little shinier and that will look like paint.
Chaos Cosmos has some “Painted Wood” textures which are a good starting point for that also.

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Diffuse color > right click > Wrap In > Color Correction

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Adam has given you good direction. I actually did that render in another application. The texture is one of my custom wood texture and I did basically what Adam describes. I used the wood grain bump map but a plain color material with some glossiness added.

These are the stools without paint.

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Thank you all!

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