Material is rendered wrong


I am a beginner in SketchUp and have been working with materials and lighting since yesterday. From V-Ray, I grabbed a simple texture and dragged it onto a surface, rotated it, scaled it, and so on.

But it doesn’t render what I adjusted before. In the attachment you can see what my problem is.

Who can give me a hint?

Best regards,

I don’t know anything about V-ray but some of the faces in your model might be reversed.

I think the problem is, old settings are vray 2.00 and you are using a newer vray version now… If so, i suggest you to reset all vray settings, extensions-vray-tools-wipe vray settings… But if you don’t want to do it, reset vray settings from asset editor settings tab, and uncheck linear workflow option from material settings…

Thank you, guys. I reversed the areas (again!) and it worked. Don’t ask me why … :smiley: