Brick texture help me

Hi can somebody please help me - I’m writing my bachelour thesis. The texture gets like ugly “edges” (see picture) how can I get rid of those? Zoom in to see it,


What does the original texture look like? What are your rendering settings?
It’s a V-Ray texture or something else?

Do you mean the gray lines? How did you apply the texture? Do you use displacement?


you need to provide the texture file… not the building image

It looks like you have used a brick texture with a bump map that is a different scale.
But I have little experience with vray so can’t say how that relates.


No I mean the “big” thick lines over the whole fasade… :frowning:

ORIGINAL texture:

As Box said, you are clearly using the bump map with a tiling factor different than the one in diffuse.

What rendering software or plugin are you using? All the maps must have the same scale, I don’t use vray but in blender you can connect all the maps to a node to control the dimension, rotation and scale of all the maps at the same time.

Thank you, I will try another one then?


You haven’t answered people much.

What software did you use here ? only sketchup (I doubt it, since you have a bump problem), or Vray, or… what ?

depending on the software, the solution could be trivial, ticking a box, or more complex.

no need, you can use the bump map you’re currently using, if it’s the one related to your material off course, as long as you scale it the same way. If your texture is 100x100cm then your bump must too.

What changes did you make to the UV? The example is for Bump (Box’s suggestion), but the same can be for Displacement. Which ones did you modify?


you want to make sure that the “tiling” is the same for both textures (diffuse and bump)