Applying a Newly Created Vray Texture to Sketchup Model

Hello all,
I’ve just started using Vray for Sketchup and want to create a stucco wall texture that is accurate to a building I’m practicing with. I’ve managed to create the asset using the stucco and colouring/bump etc, however unlike materials which seem to load straight into the sketchup model (or given you a right click option to apply to selection etc), the textures do not give you this option.

I want to apply this new vray texture to some walls in my model however I am stuck as to how to get it from Vray to the wall on my sketchup.

Please see photo below of what is on my screen.

Thanks very much for your help.

Apply the created material, not the texture

Learn V-Ray at Learn how to render in SketchUp using V-Ray | Chaos

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