Painted drywall and other essential textures source other that Sketchup Texture club?

I am looking for a source for common textures for home interiors, at this moment, a painted drywall texture (or any other advice for replicating this wall color and texture as in attachment) .
I have a sub to SU Texture club, but have a hard time finding basic textures…

Any other sources you guys like (specifcally for painted drywall to start)?


I usually just add a color on drywalls.
Textures can bloat the file, easily.
You can search for bumpmaps and than edit the color fairly easy.
Pick your color or that of a paint collection.
If you search for RAL or ‘Farrow and Ball in the 3D Warehouse, you can create your own collections and save them.

I agree. A rendered image will always have enough noise to mask a nearly uniform texture from having any real visual impact on the final result.