Instant cladding ideas?

I can’t afford to buy the vali architect instant extensions. I’m looking to see if anyone knows of any other extensions that could help me create horizontal siding for a house.

I need certainteed monogram horizontal siding on a house, but I can’t seem to find a quick way to do it. and textures just don’t give me the same look.

Any ideas?

Draw the profile and push pull? (sorry I don’t know of any extensions for this, so I thought I’d at least put this out there). And anyway extensions don’t work in SU free web.

Assuming this is a board, just create a typical board as @pbacot suggests and use either push/pull or Scale to required length. Make it a component and copy it up the wall, ignoring openings. Create temporary cutter “blocks” at openings and use them to cut the boards at openings, removing what you don’t need. I presume but don’t know if that is possible in the free version.

Maybe: Monogram® - CertainTeed Siding & Trim - CADdetails

I did not see them on the CertainTeed website but they might be there.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free (Web) which has no facility to use any extensions.

Best bet is to use a texture.

Have you looked in 3D Warehouse? Certainteed has a lot of stuff there. You’re looking for this one?

The rest of their stuff:


Those details are there. You could import an image to trace to make profiles for push pull. A profile for siding should only be a couple edges per board.

@hiksemebs says textures are not good enough.

I saw a couple images that showed the depth of the lap (and it’s probably in the Certainteed specs). Set the lap depth and board height, then trace the curves based on the profile images available. That would be a close approximation. Then Push-Pull, like you say.

Not sure it’s this one (there may be more that one type of Monogram Horizontal):


Oh, and no this this is not “instant”.

Curic Face Knife (Free) at 6:50 in this video may fit your need The TOP 25 SketchUp Extensions For Architecture in 2022! - YouTube

But that won’t work in the web version the OP indicates they are using.

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