Extension for Board and Batten


Just wondering if anyone knows of any extension that will create board and batten texture quickly from face? I have not found any yet. Please help… Thanks.



I don’t know of an extension specifically designed for that and probably wouldn’t consider using one for something that simple. That said, I don’t know why you couldn’t set up something in Profile Builder 3 to do it.



I don’t think I understand your question. Do you want a suite of components that make up the pieces of a board and batten wall arrayed over a face? Or do you actually want a SketchUp “texture”, that is, a material with an associated image that looks like board and batten?

For a texture you just need to find a suitable image and import it as a texture, scaling it appropriately as you do so.

For components, I’d probably draw a board component and a batten component, arrange them adjacent to each other, and then use the move tool’s array copy to replicate them across the face. Just as with real boards and battens, you would have to make the widths so that they evenly subdivide the width of the face or else trim at one or both sides of the face.

I suspect it would take at least as long to set up Profile Builder as to do what I described. If you need to do a lot of these it might be worth the effort but for just a few maybe not…



I have already constructed four buildings for a development. I have applied a b and b texture to it and scaled it properly. It looks good by adding some relief but just wondered if there is an extension out there yet that will generate them from face. Without having to manually construct them by hand and copy and paste. I just dont want to do all the trimming and extending on my gables.

Thank you for the responses.



As @DaveR mentioned, Profile Builder3 can help. You can create trim by choosing a profile and then follow along a path.



I use profile builder a lot but it will not help when wrapping a gable wall since the height varies throughout the run. So I am wondering if there is an extension that would apply the 3d texture to a face. I am sensing that there is none out there.

Could be a great extension if created.



Thinking out loud here, not from trying it yet, but it occurs to me you could easily make a “mold” of sorts for board and batten that is bigger than any wall in question, and then use solid tools to subtract the profile from any shape wall surface to get the effect. You would first have to use push-pull or multi-push pull to make your wall thickness include the full depth with battens.

Edit: Just gave it a try.



Oh Yeah this would work. I like it. I could 3d texture all the walls of a building pretty quickly using solid tools. I will try it out. Thank you RTCool. You rock.

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As to modelling economy, using a material texture does not slow down SketchUp in the way actually modelling boards or bricks does. The amount of faces and edges in a model is multiplied many times as compared to flat wall surfaces. It might work out for a small single building, like a garden shed.

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@Anssi is right. This is the sort of fine detail modeling (relative to the whole) that one must use carefully else severe model bloat and poor performance will result. You really have to ask yourself how much the increment in realism is worth, particularly whether any scenes will zoom close enough to the wall to really see it.

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