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In modeling a historic house for renovation, I’d like to paint the exterior with Cladding_Siding. The default white siding would be fine, except I need it to be a soft yellow and narrower. I’ve changed the color and width. Now I’d like to make it a Unique Texture to use on many surfaces of this complex building. Following the Knowledge Center instructions, I drew a rectangle around my new paint, then right-clicked there and chose Make Unique Texture. It instantly reverted to the default color and width.

So I abandoned the default paint and made my own sample: a rectangle with the color I want, and horizontal lines of the desired siding width. But Make Unique Texture will only sample that color, not the lines. If I select even one of the lines in the sample, Make Unique Texture is no longer available.

I’m at a loss how to proceed. Maybe I’m confusing paint and texture? I suppose I could photograph the existing building, but it’s 80 miles away. There must be a way to do this within SU?


You could create a large rectangle and color it, with lines running over it, etc till it looks like what you are after. It could even have some shadow if the model isn’t flat. Then export it 2D as a jpg. That jpg could then be imported as image or as texture. The one you need.

p.s. hide the border lines before you export to jpg.


Thanks Wo3Dan,

That works great.

I had discovered after posting that I could modify the color and spacing of
the default paint, then sample that to get the same paint on other surfaces.

But I prefer the line appearance in your method.

Now I just need to figure out why my lines are slightly angled:


You need to be in ‘Parralel’ mode, not in ‘Perspective’ mode. And look straight at the model/face, say in top view when you modeled on the ground.
Whatever is in the viewport, the way it looks on screen, will be exported.

edit: Parallel instead of parralel, so much for spelling issues :frowning:


Got it!



Now what have I done?

Every time I draw a rectangle, probably other shapes, it automatically
paints with my custom paint.

It seems I’ve somehow made it the default color.

How to correct this please?


There is no way you make it the default texture.

You export some screen to jpg. then you import the jpg as image like you would do with any other imame. From then on it’s just an ‘In Model’ texture that you could add to your own library. Bit it can’t be “the” default. So I don’t know what is going on in your new model. Can’t you select another paint/texture in the paint browser?


No doubt much easier for you if you can see what’s happening in my model.

If you make active Layers 0 and 3rd Floor Plan, and open the group that is
3rd Floor Plan, then draw any shape that is not superimposed on an existing
face, it will automatically paint with my custom paint as if it’s a default

Here’s a link to my model:

Needless to say, this is driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance.


I got it!

I must have inadvertently used my custom paint on the 3rd Floor Plan group
when it was highlighted but not open.

I just highlighted that group and “painted” it default, and my custom paint
no longer works as the default color.


Yes, painting a group or comonent will (only visibly) apply to all entities inside the group’s environment that still have their default color. The paint isn’t applied to them for real. They only look painted. Open ‘Entity Info’ and investigate their respective 'Material’s


to match the appropriate texture conditions or liking, change the scale (which I cross) like the picture I included.
hope it is useful