Installing SU Pro v2020.1 to a Windows non-C drive

Just tried installing the newest version 2020.1 on a Windows non-C drive and the installer will not allow me to change the installation directory to a different location.

Any ideas?

I think this is right: 2020.1 will install where 2020.0 was. If you want 2020.1 to be somewhere different, you may need to uninstall 2020.0 first.

But I have 2020.0 installed on my D: drive and want 2020.1 installed there as well. Do you know why I am not being allowed to change the installation directory?

If 2020.1 is not showing you the location that 2020.0 is installed, that’s something that should be fixed. Uninstalling 2020.0 should still be a work around, to let you then edit the install location.

I did test things, and after installing 2020.0.1 into a strange location, 2020.1 wanted to go into the usual C drive location, and wouldn’t let me change that. Uninstalling 2020.0.1 did then let me choose the location for 2020.1.

OK. So the immediate fix for me is to uninstall v2020.0 and then install v2020.1 and I should be able to choose a drive other than drive C:, correct?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, that’s what I’m seeing will work. We have things that can be improved in the future!