Installation Location of SU 2020.1, etc. Why can't it be changed from C:\Program Files...?

Why does the installer now lock the installation location to C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020? I’ve been trying to update my SU2020.0 installation on my D: drive.

I got this desktop with a too small SSD C: drive in Fall 2018. I’ve installed SUPro 2018, 2019, and 2020.0 on the D: drive with no problems. SU has never, ever, ever been installed on the C: drive on this machine. The installer is not picking up on the ghosts of installations past. Why doesn’t it pick up where SU2020 actually is now?

Why won’t any of the 2020 point releases install themselves where SketchUp is now?

Ever since the first 2020.1 release came out and I ran into the problem when trying to update and I saw other messages here pointing it out, I just assumed the installer would quietly get fixed and be re-uploaded with that minor change.

Nope, apparently not. SU 2020.1.1 still does it. Could someone please fix it?


It is supposed to work that way, but the installer team do know that it seems not to.

The work around for now is to uninstall 2020.0 and then install 2020.1.1. The settings files are in %AppDdata% and %LocalAppData% folders, so those should still work after the reinstall.

Thanks. Got any idea if all the toolbars, etc. are going to survive the reinstall or am I going to have to redo that again also? I know preferences.dat saves shortcuts and other stuff but I don’t know about the rest of the workspace.

I have the update installed on my laptop and it’s OK but it’s not so “must have” that I can’t wait for some future release that incorporates that particular fix.


Just tried to install 2020.1.1 … (since I get upgrade messages when I open SketchUp).

But apparently this known problem is still there … the installer locks the installation location to C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020.

Any plans to fix this?

Would gladly send this inquiry directly to SketchUp … but apparently my $120 per year “Classic License” does not include support. Who knew?

I am hoping there are plans to fix the installer location issue.

On the other question, you can check the state of your license here:

Put in your serial number and email address, and look up licenses. Next to each license you have that is under support, there is our support phone number and a link to the tech support contact page.

Also, in each version upgrade license email you receive there should be the number too, though I haven’t looked at that email for a long time.