2020 Sketchup File Location Preferences reset when app restarts

New install of 2020. I have set my file location preferences in Sketchup Preferences and have seen them reset now a few times after having to restart the app.

Any knowledge on this one?

Did you run the installer for SU2020 using a R-click on the installer, then choosing Run as Administrator?

In case you didn’t run it again doing that and when you get to it choose the Repair option.

SU gives funny results for many people if you only double click the installer, and permissions may not be set properly to allow SU to access a user chosen folder rather than the default.

If you are now using v2020 please update your profile which still says 2018.

If you mean you had to restart by force-quitting SketchUp then in that case the preferences would not be saved. You’d have to quit SketchUp normally for the change to be saved.

Needing to run the installer as admin is only on windows. Unless you’re on windows now? Please update your profile.

Updated the profile for 2020
But also a Mac user so install is a bit different for us.

Well…if I had only done it once you may have been correct because I think I did have to force quit after initial setup. But then i set up the preferences again and have since done normal close downs as I installed plugins. Just noticed the preferences missing mid-day today so not sure at what point they were lost in that process.

You could go into this folder (use Go/Go to Folder…, in Finder):

~/Library/Application Support/

and rename the SketchUp 2020 folder, then open SketchUp. You will have to agree to terms and conditions, and enter your license details again. But then check if file location changes get saved ok.

If that mostly fixes things but makes you lose templates and extensions, etc, you could copy them over from the renamed folder.

I guess I’m following the solution…but I’m not understanding the problem really.

It sound like you all are saying this is a permissions issue, is that correct? Which means that somewhere in the install process Sketchup failed to establish permissions with macOS to rename library folders?

Is this why reinstalling or tricking macOS into believing that I have reinstalled is the solution? Isn’t there a way to give it permission with macOS…to, in essence, establish permissions manually?

I don’t think it will be a permissions thing, but the file PrivatePreferences.json can be corrupted, and not updatable. Renaming the entire support folder is a fast way to check all files, not just that one. For your interest you could repeat the test and only rename PrivatePreferences.json.

Is something specific causing that corruption or is it that random reality with computing that sometimes ■■■■ just happens?

Random reality mostly, but I can imagine that a crash while writing that file might not help.

when you instal a ‘new’ version of SU it will copy both .plist and the .json files from any earlier installed versions…

if you want default paths you need to temporally rename the earlier version folders…

I tend to do this for the plist anyway as it copies everything back to v8 and those earlier plist’s have content now stored in the json files…


Thanks John…that helps me a lot with the why.

As to the solution…I’m looking for the folders established in the preferences of my SKU 2018 version (only one I have)? Is renaming as simple as just adding an additional character? What is best practice?

The name doesn’t matter, I tend to add one character, to make it quicker to rename it back again if I need to.