File locations in preferences not saving

So I have set the file locations to what I want (Horrible little popup for choosing them) after I close and reopen Sketchup (2014) it loses the file locations that I have chosen. It is only a minor issue but very annoying to have to navigate to the correct folder every time I want a saved component in my model.

Anybody know how to make my preferences stick?

PS I have custom shortcuts that stay around between sessions.

Hi Paul,

No to be flip, but are you certain you clicked OK before exiting SU’s System Preferences?
Correct path?
C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My SketchUp Materials\

The only time I’ve had an issue with file locations was in migrating from XP Pro to Win8.1 and then installing SU Pro 2014.
Silly me, I imported the Preferences.dat (from the XP installation) which didn’t work so very well.

You might also try staring SU with Run as Administrator and then set the file locations. Just a hunch.


That was my first thought, was that I clicking cancel instead of OK.

After multiple attempts of being positive I clicked ok, I got tired of trying.

Turns out the answer was less obvious. When I am working I will a lot of times have a component open to modify while working on a larger project. The settings don’t set correct when you have multiple instances open. I never went back to see if I closed the correct one last if it would keep my settings, but having 1 ONE instance of Sketchup open keeps my folder settings when I relaunch. Now I can open as many windows as I want and as long as I am not changing settings they stay the way I put them.