Installing extensions again



I am unable to install a previously purchased extension on my computer; Christina Eneroth’s “View Memory”.

I have had continuing problems with Sketchup crashing on my Macs and have deleted and re-installed SU more than once (Pro, 2018). Including extensions. When I go to install View Memory, a dialog pops up to tell me there is a 2 computer limit on installations. I only have an iMac and MacBook Pro, its just that I’ve had to install and reinstall SU multiple times to try to get it to work reliably. So now, I’m trying to reinstall View Memory on my MacBook, which I haven’t used in some time, while the iMac is being repaired. But, I have no way to delete the earlier record of the installation on the MacBook so that I can install it again. I guess I’m surprised that there’s no way to do this short of having to have someone at Trimble do it for me. Christina has rectified this for me previously, but she really shouldn’t have to fuss with a Trimble issue. Heck, I’d buy the extension again just to get past this issue now, but I can’t do that either.

Someone needs to look into this and make it more user friendly.

In the meantime, I’d sure like to be able to import some views previously saved on the iMac.


I am pushing this issue to the attention of @Caroline of the SU Team. She may be able to direct this to the right person at Trimble who can resolve this for you.


thank you


Trimble employees have access to release the previously installed license so it can be used again. Unfortunately we extension developers cannot do this.

@ChrisFullmer, can you look into this?