Extension Installed on Too Many Computers - Only One Computer


I recently upgraded my computer, and since installing SU, I can’t get my “Align” extension to install because it says it’s installed on too many computers. I just went into “My Extensions” and it doesn’t show it installed. Is there any way to fix this?

I uninstalled SU on my old computer, did a complete factory wipe, and I don’t even own that computer anymore. Thanks for any help.


Are you referring to s4u Align? you should try contacting the author directly. You can send him a PM through Sketchucation.


I have already contacted him. He said that “Sketchup manages your license” and that he can’t fix it. He suggested getting on here, and that the SU team could fix it. I’m just trying to figure out the best way to resolve this, so if there’s a better route to go, please let me know.


Did you remove all the commercial extension licenses (or uninstall them,) before uninstalling SketchUp ? (And if it was Pro, I’d hope that you removed the application license before uninstalling.)


I didn’t realize that I had to. Either way, I don’t have the computer anymore, so I can’t do anything about it. I’m using just the Make version (not pro). Had I known that it was tied to a computer, I would have done all of that.


It may be that someone from the SketchUp team can fix your license problem but I’m surprised the author wouldn’t help.


So how do I go about doing that? Is there an address that I can email, or would it be a particular user on here that I would have to PM?


This is true. The Extension Warehouse manages the licensing.

Partly true. Here is not the best way.

Contact Support directly is better.



Thanks for your help anyways. I’ll give that a shot.


Here is the page (it’s link is at the bottom of most help center articles.)



Didn’t you get your licence by email?
Since you have wiped your old computer, it is no problem to enter your licence code on to the new one.
SU- pro licence’s are not linked to a specific computer or OS.
Extensions which were taken from the extension warehouse are validated via the (Google or trimble) account you sign in.


Not quite right. If you don’t remove the SketchUp license from one machine, you can’t install it on another. (there’s a limit of two computers per individual license) When the license is removed from a computer, there’s a file sent to SketchUp to let them know the license has been removed. Wiping the computer doesn’t send that file. But the OP isn’t talking about a SketchUp Pro license.


The license for the extension also needs to be removed from an old computer to use it on a newer one.


A couple of general questions from the customer viewpoint:

(1) Guide:

Did you realize that there was an Extension Warehouse User Guide ?

And if not, where or how would you have expected to be made aware that it existed ?

(2) Support Contact:

Where did you go looking for, or would you expect to find, a link for Extension Warehouse product or licensing issue support ?


Well, firstly, I’m using the free version–not pro, so I don’t have a SU license.

Secondly, every other piece of software that I’ve used has been registered to an email address/username, so like Dan said, I had no idea that I needed to uninstall it before removing SU.

That being said, I am where I am, and I know I’m not the only one in this boat, just looking for the best solution to remedy it.


I was hoping you would give your own answers to the questions, being the principal in this situation.

The more people giving critiques and suggestions the more likely those responsible are likely to make positive changes. (I have my own answers to these questions, and have said them privately, but I’m really not part of this specific issue, and could be seen as “sticking my nose in someone else’s affairs”.)

So I was hoping for some ideas expressed by others, so that perhaps the real solution would help the next guy, and the next, etc., and not just this specific issue of yours.