Installed plugins

Not sure if this is the right forum for this…

I had installed v11.6 of libFredo6 that was in use for a long time and want to install v11.9. I disabled v11.6 and closed SU and reopened. I get a message that Fredo6 Curvizard needs libFredo, as expected. When I go to the extension manager the v11.6 is still there as disabled. When I install v9 nothing happens. How do I remove the v11.6 plugin and get v11.9 installed.

Never mind…I kept closing SU and magically it appeared. During all the open/close i renamed the 11. 6 file (whether that worked or not) so that only 11.9 was would be in the plug in folder. Not sure what worked since I did so much.

Instead of disabling 11.6 you should just install 11.9. There’s no need to be screwing around with renaming the files and folders. Install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and use it to install Fredo6’s extensions as well as others from Sketchucation. When an extension has an update available, you’ll see an alert in the SCF Extension Store interface. You can click on the alert and automatically install all the extensions that have updates.

I found it and installed thanks. This is much better than fiddling with the Extension Manager.

Well, certainly for extensions from Fredo6 and TIG that are only hosted at Sketchucation.

I am going to have to fiddle with the Sketchup Extention Store seems like my MAC doesn’t like it trying to download from that menu. But I have it installed and can see a lot of the extensions available.

Maybe you need to restart SketchUp after installing the SCF Extension Store and sign in.

Your profile says your operating system is 2017 and your graphics card is a Surface Pro. It would help if you correct that.

I just recently switched computers and have not had a chance to update the profile. This was a mad dash to get everything loaded into the MAC before the Windows completely died.