Installation process on Mac Os 10.15.7 required

Could somone please provide the Installation process for SketchUp on Mac Os 10.15.7?

Which version of SketchUp? Your profile says you are using version 5.

Usually you double click on the downloaded file and then drag SketchUp to Applications.

I’m not sure which version it is. I’m going through the history of emails from Sketchup, dating back to 2006.

I have an email, with the subject saying “thanks for purchasing version 5…”, from Laura Allen dated March 30th, 2006.

So do you have the SketchUp 5 installer downloaded on your computer? As you can see by the e-mail date it’s more than a decade since that version was released or supported. It wouldn’t support OSX 10.15. It might work but it might not. You’d have to try it. I doubt that there’s a legitimate source to download that ancient version now if you haven’t got it.

As Dave suggests, macOS dropped support for applications from that long ago. SketchUp 5 would still run on Windows, if you could find the installer, but your SketchUp 5 license is a Mac specific one, so that isn’t an option. You would need to find a Mac with a much older version of Mac OS X to get SketchUp 5 to work.

It’s probably time to just get SketchUp 2021. It does support OSX 10.15 and is the current version. Even if you could get SketchUp 5 to work, you wouldn’t have access to things like the 3D Warehouse or geo-Location anyway.

Mojave, MacOS 10.14 is the last version to run older 32 bit applications. I haven’t done it myself, but I’ve heard of others installing Mojave in a virtual machine in Parallels with limitations like no multiple monitor support.

Thanks DavidR ( and those of you who provided comments),

I’ll proceed with biting the bullet and purchase SketchUp 2021, and again accept the painful/usual experience of yet another Apple Os upgrade.