Install Extensions 2020

I am trying to use extensions for rendering in sketchup pro 2020 trial version with windows 10 64bt. I have tried to install twilight2 and vray. I downloaded them from their respective websites and install them by double clicking on them and installing to program files. When I open SU and look at the extensions manager they are not listed. When I try a manual install, there is no .rbz file to install in the folder. during install there is not a prompt/option to select the 2020 version of SU. please help

Have you checked that they have actually released 2020 compatible versions.
They usually take a while to catch up.

no, and now i wish I had downloaded a 2019 trial. I’m not sure if that is even possible to do.

2019 and 2020 run independently, so yes you can download a trial of 2019 from the downloads page.

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if I do that can i open the drawing that i created in 2020? and will i need to uninstall extensions and reinstall them?

You can use Save as back to 2019 from the file menu.
An no you don’t need to uninstall extensions but you will need to install them.

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ok, I will download the 19 trial version and give it a shot. Thank you!!

The downside to what you have done is that the 30 day trials will run together, so your chance to use the 2020 version wont be added to the end of your 2019 trial.

Yes you have 30 days to use both, but they will be the same 30 days even if you stop using 2020 for now the clock is still running.

there doesn’t seem to be a place to choose 2019 version

Go here.

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hey Box, Thank you my friend. That worked.

Check the V-Ray downloads page, they now have a 1.2 version that includes 2020. Was only released today.

I didn’t include a link because their site sends you to the right page based on your log in details.