Inserting file into Layout get different drawing

Having problem with Layout.
If I want to move a drawing to layout. click on insert, select saved file from sketchup and click on it, it shows correct drawing, click on open and a different drawing is displayed in Layout. Noticed 1 page in Layout works but any other pages come up with the same (wrong) drawing.

What do you mean by wrong drawing? Is it a different SketchUp model altogether? Or do you mean a different view of the same model?

Are you using File>Insert each time you want to add another view of your model? If so, that’s the wrong way to go about it. Only use File>Insert once to add the SketchUp model file to the LayOut project. That will give you the first viewport on the current page. After that, copy that viewport to make additional ones either on the same page or on other pages. For each viewport select the desired scene from the SketchUp model file.

Better still, use Send to Layout from Sketchup. That way you know you have opened the right drawing in Layout. Keep File>Insert for when you deliberately want to show a different drawing altogether in the same Layout file.

Check File/Document setup. You probably have two SketchUp model with the same name and it is pathing to the wrong file. Rename the file or change the path.


New at this stuff.
Got it now thanks