Some Sketchup files unrecognizable to Layout to Insert (appear ghosted in file search)

Hi, Ho, Mac OS 10.14 Sketchup/Layout 22.0.353,
Dilemma; I can send to Layout from Sketchup into a new file just fine. When I’m working in an existing Layout file and want to insert, the file is ghosted in my search and unavailable. other files will show up, but some will be ghosted. Sure I can send to layout from Sketchup into a new file, copy/cut/paste into the file I want, but I want to know what the problem is. Included both files.
Eric_William_Pierson_Set_Designer.layout (1.3 MB)

new doors~.skp (258.3 KB)

Have you already got the SketchUp file added to your LayOut file once? Do not insert a SketchUp file more than once into a LayOut project. There is never any reason to do that.

Again, if the LayOut file already has a viewport from the SketchUp model do not add it a second time.

You’ve share the backup copy of the SketchUp file to your post. The tilde in the file name is the clue. The references list in your LayOut file shows you’ve also been adding backup files of several different SketchUp files. That’s not a good thing.

no, it is not in there, it had been imported prior but then deleted, i also have changed the name of that file as well. Is Layout just really confused right now because of this?

Looks like you’ve got LayOut confused about a bunch of stuff. Purging the unused stuff from your LO file removes all three of the .skp files along with some other files.



Again, I don’t understand why you aren’t inserting the actual working file. Why are you inserting the backup copy.

When I insert the file you supplied I get this:

The viewport looks fine. I don’t see any “ghosting”. Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

I’m also puzzled about your general work flow of doing 2D drawing in a 3D modeler as well as apparently drawing in 2D in LayOut.

I’m sure my work flow is HORRIBLE, I’ve onlty been using these programs for a few months. I’m doing 2D drawings in Sketchup because when I tried to do them in Layout it was not a good experience. The ergonomics were not as intuitive as Sketchup.

no idea i was even working from a back up file either?

as far as why? 2D in a 3D program, because i don’t have a drafting program and since Sketch up does scale drawings, I don’t see the problem. I didn’t extrude anything so I never confused it.

I’m not sure what your viewport is supposed to be showing. It’s too small to read on my screen.

Why are you doing 2D drawings in SketchUp of 3D objects? How did you create the 2D drawings on the second page of the LayOut document?

The SketchUp files with the tilde (~) are the backup files. If you insert those in your LayOut file but work on the normal file, none of your work will carry over to LayOut.

I guess if you don’t mind the extra work. I just hate to see people doing more work than they need to do.

Blockquote How did you create the 2D drawings on the second page of the LayOut document?

They (pages 1 and 2) were painstakingly done IN layout, brutal.

I don’t even have a ‘new doors’ file without the (~)? is that even possible?

any suggestions on how I should be doing precision 2D drawings that would transfer to sketchup / other rendering program? if it needed to become a 3D drawing, I mean, I figured this was one way to do that?

how backup works :

say you start a project, named potato

you save your file at 9h37 , it’s now named potato.skp

you save again at 10h21. now you have two files :
potato.skp is the 10h21 version
potato~.skp is the backup. meaning it’s the old 9h37 version.

say now you save again at 11h10
potato.skp is the 11h10 version
potato~.skp is the backup. meaning it’s the old 10h21 version.

(for those of you out there on a PC, yes, on a PC, it’s not ~.skp but .skb instead. way way way better because you can’t open skb with SU by default, you HAVE to rename. unlike on mac. hence the decade-long confusion)

Now, the main sketchup file is potato.skp without the ~
that’s the one you should work with. and include in your layout file.

the one with the ~ is the backup in case of mistake.
if you open potato~.skp and save it again, it will create a potato~~.skp - a backup of a backup.
if you want to make a ~ file your main design file, and not a backup anymore, just rename it and remove the ~

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great, I’ll make one of the back-ups the OG. In the picture I sent you, it shows the “ghosted” (visible, but not able to be selected) file name. but I guess if I rename one of the backups, it will become the OG and should work?

understand, I’m just copying other PDF drawings of 2d drawings that need to be replicated to scale. Maybe that makes sense of what I’m doing.

in theory, I would be pulling from slices to make scenes to send to layout, but in this case the extra work would have been drawing it in 3D in the first place.

does that make sense?

Because it’s the back up and you aren’t supposed to be opening it under normal circumstances.

I get what you are doing but I think you are still working harder than you need to.

Again, I understand what you are trying to do but by effetively drawing the same thing more than once you are working harder. You also end up making potential changes more difficult to manage.

do you suggest drawing in Layout? because I found that HORRIBLY inefficient.
this is what I’m copying (added file.) when I first tried to copy drawings like this, (pages 1&2) i couldn’t figure out how to bring the pdf into layout in the size and resolution that made it feasible, so knowing how to do it in sketchup i just figured do it that way and then I have more control of the shaded ares etc when it goes into layout? Any suggestions, I’d love insight on work flow in this matter. Because at 54 years old going from a physical laborer job to a desk person job for health reasons, I’d love any form of suggestions, direction etc.

London_Townhouse_Sht3_Detail2_Doorway.pdf (708.2 KB)

No. I suggest making 3D models in SketchUp. With Parallel Projection and sections you can create any 2D views you need.

PDFs come into LayOut as raster image files so the resolution while working in LayOut won’t look great. They can look better in PDF exports, though.

Modeling in SketchUp is definitely easier in SketchUp but working with 3D models is even better.

ok, so I’m not completely backwards here, you see what I was doing?

I’ll try and rename that file w/o the ~ and hopefully that solves my issue. Thanks, have a new year.

Happy New Year, have a HAPPY New Year!

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In case it happens, I have seen a Mac issue where importing or inserting files of a valid type can appear grayed out in the file list. Still don’t know why that happens. The file can be selected and will insert ok (I just tried LayOut and had an example of that happen, the SKP was still selectable).

pretty sure we can blame mac os on this one, I had a similar issue last year (previous os) in illustrator and something else, asked apple, they told me “have you tried making a clean wipe and re-install your machine ?”
and I stopped there.

This year (ventura), I haven’t noticed it. or maybe I’m just used to it.

I am on Ventura, and I think I have seen the same thing in Sonoma.

Hello Ewillyp, like you i struggle with trying to evolve a suitably productive method of work with the Sketchup/Layout software - as a technical documentation software it’s unnecessarily complex and clumsy most of all it’s not intuitive. In an age where software is user friendly, the Sketchup/Layout is a failure. I’ve been using it for more than a year, i love the 3D capability for concept design and “selling” a design (I’m an architect doing mostly residential projects) - but when i have to produce technical drawings for the approval authorities - it’s a very slow and annoying process.