Inserting EPS Files to Layout

I don’t know if something changed, but I had always been able to export PDF files as EPS files from Adobe Acrobat and then insert them into Layout. I used this feature for basic permit plan sets that require manufacture specs or other imported drawings. I used the EPS file type so that the zoom feature can be used without losing image quality. I can’t use JPEG, PNG, or a TIFF files, because the image quality doesn’t hold up.

This all started last week, not sure what changed. Now when I insert an EPS file to Layout nothing happens. Any idea what’s going on our a fix to this problem? Thanks.

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When did you change to Sonoma 14.4?

Don’t remember exactly when I upgraded, but it it was quite bit before this issue started with inserting EPS files.

EPS support is withering. it’s an old format from the 80’s, it’s not stable, not secure, and last year adobe pulled the plug on post script fonts, not a good sign for EPS.

over the last few years, softwares have stopped supporting EPS and PS format.
Mac Os doesn’t support them anymore since 12/2023, nor does microsoft office since 2017

it’s possible that Layout was using macos importer. After all, sketchup uses macos PDF importer, why not the EPS one.

And since it was depreciated in decembre (see the first link above), so I guess that’s when the issue started)

I don’t have acrobat installed, waht else can you export ? svg in the lot?

So what’s my best method to take a PDF and insert it to Layout without loosing any image quality?

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I can export the PDF from Illustrator to SVG. But, when I insert into the Layout the image becomes grainy. I’m new to this, but it doesn’t seem to be a vector file b/c I can’t scale it.

The content in EPS and PDF files is generally identical, the difference being that PDF is compressed.

My #1 complaint with LayOut, not being able to insert other vector file formats.

Presumably the content in the PDF is vector line work. I would open it in Inkscape and export a .dxf file from it. That can be imported into LayOut or SetchUp.

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