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I can insert a clean PDF into my old Layout 2019 version but only a raster quality PDF in the 2021 version. Why? Is there another way to achieve this? I use Layout for construction documents and insert PDF surveys as backgrounds. Please bring back this feature. Hard to believe a new version has less features, so I must be missing something. Thanks

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You must be missing something. PDF files have always imported as raster images on the Mac. PC lacks this feature altogether. I don’t have a Mac so I don’t know how the import resolution can be controlled.

DWG or DXF would perhaps be a better format for the surveys.

Unfortunately, he is right. Earlier LayOut imported the vectors in the PDF, and displayed them as vectors. I think the current one still imports the vectors, but what you see is a rasterized version. I suspect this because when I opened a 2018 LayOut file in 2022, it showed the imported PDF as raster.

May need to ask @Adam about whether there was an intentional change, and if there is a work around, other than having to create a DXF from the PDF.

Hi @welchandweeks,

We changed this because with the way mac renders a vector PDF, it was possible to zoom in so far to your document that mac would take up 20GB of memory or more in an attempt to continue rendering the vector data, taking multiple minutes just to draw that one PDF. To alleviate this, we started capturing the PDF data as TIFF data for drawing instead. This prevented a lot of the “hangs” in LayOut that were being reported by users that imported PDFs into their documents.

We are looking at alternative options for importing PDFs, as we understand vector data import is an important part of LayOut.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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Thanks Adam, It is real important to fix this. I have all kinds of pdf images that I use for permitting/construction documents…like architectural stamps with signatures. I never had a problem with this before with old version (didn’t take long to render vector pdfs).
The other weird thing is when a pdf image is moved on LayOut page it gets ‘ghosted’, so if I want to straighten out an image it’s a guess at best. In the old version pdfs and SU scenes are visible at all times. Very frustrating to have changes like this on newer versions and I’m not able to use my old license number on older version on my new MiniMac.

You can make your stamp & sig. directly in LO. PC does not have the ability to import PDF directly into LO but we get by.

Nice Reply, dont forget us Windows people in that!!!

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