PDF Import Into Layout

I find that I’ve beguin to use layout more and more to as a PDF markup tool for my employer. I’m able to creat such great quality markup that I’m now the go to guy in the office. However the workaround of converting the PDFs to a tiff or other raster image is sometimes an hindrance. Please make it possible to natively import PDFs into Layout.



That would be miles traveled for lay out

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I was checking the forum to see if this was possible on a PC yet, but it seems not.

I just thought I would mention that it is possible to do this on the Mac, and my conversations with the Layout team indicated that it had to do with the way that MacOS handles PDFs.

I also use it extensively to markup PDFs, and add other manufacturers spec sheets to my drawings.

PDF (‘compiled’ PostScript) is a meta format which may contain raster images as well as vector entities. If only ‘dumb’ raster data is contained, importing a vector-based graphic resp. drawing is obvioulsy in general not possible, at least without doing an erratic vectorization before.

If vector data is contained, you may want convert with a graphics program as e.g. ‘Adobe Illustrator’ or ‘Corel Draw’ or free ‘Inkscape’ to the DXF/DWG format, import to SU and send to LO.

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Does Layout 2019 allow PDF import? Or is it still impossible on a PC? Any work-arounds?

Here is the list of insertable content:

Previous workarounds suggested have been to either open the PDF in anything that can read it, and export PNG. Or take a screenshot of the image.

Thanks Colin, that’s what I thought. It just boggles my mind that Layout’s main output is PDF, but you can’t insert a PDF!