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Is it possible to import a pdf file of a landscape drawing to Sketchup layout?

I am a landscaper and Garden designer, but recently been asked to modify a landscape drawing of a housing development. The drawing is fully rendered as a pdf. The current pdf drawing is not complete in that it just shows planting areas. I need to detail the plants in each area if this makes sense! To do this would just require adding text/arrows to the drawing.

What is the best/easiest way to get a pdf plan to layout?

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Jason Sutton
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Cranham.park.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Wouldn’t this be great to have?

Depends on the PDF. On Windows there’s no direct option to import PDF files but you can generate a PNG or JPG image from it which can be imported. If the drawing in the PDF is vector linework you could generate a .dxf file from it using Inkscape or other tools. Then import the .dxf file into Sketchup or inserted into LayOut.

Thanks for the reply Dave.
How can i tell if the drawing is vector linework? The pdf will have come from a cad drawing.

I would like ti keep the plan as it is and just add some text.

Where will i find non direct pdf import if i need this.

I had tried inkscape…i entered file in the app but it wouldn’t load up…(nothing happed lol) so just assumed it wasnt working

Here’s an example from a randomly selected PDF I downloaded.

I opened the PDF in LibreOffice, right clicked on the image and selected Save.

Then I inserted the image into LayOut.

Ready for labels and whatever else needs adding.

I guess look at the line work to see if it’s raster or not.

If you need to create a PNG or JPG to insert you can take a screenshot with the Snipping tool or other screen shot apps. Or you can try when I showed in my previous post.

Hmmm… How did you try opening it?