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Hello! I am new with SketchUp Make since I always use SketchUp Pro 2019. I have a supervisor who is using SketchUp Make 2017 and I can’t open it with my current version of SketchUp Pro 2019. I uninstalled the 2019 version and installed the Make version 2017, yet I can’t open my previous files used in Pro 2019. Can somebody tell me what is the best way to open both files in Pro 2019? I am having a hard time and my supervisor is asking the plan on tommorow. Thank you.

Pro 2019 can open make 2017. there is a problem with his files if you can’t, or with your installation.
you could try to do a clean reinstall since you uninstalled it, at least it would rule out the install problem.

THe other way around, make 17 can’t natively open pro 19. or any later version.
When saving your sketchup file in pro 19 (with save as), you can choose what version of SU’s save to use. you can therefore ask for SU17.

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Your supervisor is using SketchUp Make for work which is prohibited…
For commercial purposes you both need SketchUp Pro!

As for your problem, see @ateliernab 's post…

Hello, thanks for the reply! I would like to do clean reinstalling. Is there a process for that or just go through the normal process of reinstalling? Thanks!

well my expertise lies in macos more than windows, but I’d say you can uninstall using the uninstall tool in the preferences, and simply re-run the install file. Be sure to right-click / run it as administrator if you can.

as far as clean install goes, it should do the trick.

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