I need to open 2018 file in 2019

Hello, I have sketchup files created in 2018 pro. They were fine in 2018 pro. They crash everytime I open them in 2019. I need to revert to 2018 to work on my files. We have a subscription which will not allow me to load sketchup 2018.

  1. How do I install a pro, full version of 2018, we have a subscription and have had permanent versions in the past. I could use 2017 even, it worked fine in 2017 before upgrading to 2018. How do I install and use a pro, full version of earlier versions?

  2. How can I fix my file? It is a large complex file with a large amount of textures. The number of polygons is not terribly high. I have run the plugin Cleanup and it does not make a difference.

Anecdotally, I hate the licensing scheme that prevents me from running older versions. I hate to say it but even Autodesk is better in this regard. This latest round of licensing changes is horrible and makes me seriously consider finding an alternative to sketchup. There is zero true value in the latest upgrade to make it worth either a subscription or worth the hassle of dealing with issues like this. I long for the @last days and even for Google. Trimble, your policies are counterproductive and make me want to switch to a different software. I’m mad, I’ve wasted hours trying to deal with this.

Why did you uninstall the prior versions?
Disk storage? I have versions 2015-2019 on one machine. You can still install older versions on the same machine were it was activated, though.
Go to
And download all😃

I uninstalled the previous versions because the license we have would no longer work with the previous versions. They no longer functioned.

Maybe your reseller can revert your license to SU 2018, I don’t know.

Another question is why SU 2019 isn’t working for you. Is it crashing on startup or when loading files? Is it related to specific files or any files? Are there any complex extensions installed?

I’ll look into the licensing thing, I assumed it was a one way street without actually checking.

The files load fine, and I can orbit and do other view operations okay, but doing most other operations causes it to crash. The sure fire method of crashing it is to do anything with the materials.

And yeah, I have way too many extensions installed. I could try without those. Nothing has caused problems on other files created in 2019, but I used a bunch of the older versions of the plugins on the 2018 files. Thanks for mentioning that.

So, you have a network license?

Yes, we have a network license. Is there something I’m missing about the network license that would allow me to use a previous version?

Thanks for all the responses, very encouraging.

maybe related to your used graphics card, dunno your model “Whatever”* but try if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use fast Feedback” helps. You may want try if reducing AntiAliasing and switching off the use of the maximum texture size helps too.

*“Win+R > dxdiag > Display”

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Updated the profile with the graphics card. I didn’t know how to find that…NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

And wow! Thanks! That seems to have done the trick with the few settings adjustments. I will be sure to be aware of those and the extensions next time something goes sideways.

Yes, the first posts were merely to find out what kind of license you actually have, because they were contradicting with your user profile
The ‘subscription’ license you have turns out to be a support and maintenance subscription, instead of the new 2019 Subscription
I guess we will need another option in the user profiles of the forum

Check here:


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