Initial basic Navigation to find my SketchUp Plans

Hello, I’m an older senior citizen and new to SU, started with free and then purchased Pro Plan. When I go to my Pro Application for the plans/layout that I created and continue on in the free version, they are not there in the Pro Application? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks

By “Pro Plan” do you mean you are using the 2022 desktop (download and install) version? Or are you using SketchUp Shop (browser based) version? If you are using Sketchup 2022 pro, how are you trying to access the SketchUp files you created with SketchUp Free (web)? Assuming you purchased the subscription using the same e-mail address and password you had been using with SketchUp Free, you should be able to go to File>Trimble Connect>Open Model and access the files you saved.

If you used a different e-mail address and password or used the Hide e-mail feature, you could sign in to and access your files. Download them to your local computer.

Yes Pro Plan on laptop, and yes I believe browser based version, I’ve been accessing through Free SU.
Yes same e-mail and password, Signed up for free version on my desk top but never yes desk top to access SU because it lacked sufficient memory,

I think that means you are using SketchUp Shop. Is that correct? It looks like this when you start a new file?

What happens if you sign in at the link I provided above? Do you see your files then?

Did you choose to hide your e-mail when you set up your account? @colin would be able to check if he has time.

Yes that’s what it looked like initlaly

I tried connect.trimble,com but it didn’t work

no did not hide e-mail

Were you able to sign in there?

I see all of your subscriptions (Free, trial, Pro), and they are all under your aol email address. If you are signing into Trimble Connect with that email address you should see any models that you made with the web version of SketchUp.

If while doing the trial you used the desktop application, those files would be somewhere on your hard drive.

The older files of March 7 are on my hard drive but not what I’ve been working the last few days evan thought I down loaded then skp to my laptop just now,

trimble connect has the older plans files as well. Only when I access through the free version to I see the current updates to plans