Infinity mirror effect

hi, i am currently working on an infinity mirror effect in SU, however, it doesnt work if I render in Enscape.

I create total three pieces:

  1. front glass (one-way glass: clear glass+reflective glass)
  2. light & “A” symbol
  3. back mirror (reflective glass)

It turns out only reflect one time. Does anyone know the reason behind it? Thank you all!

infinity mirror.skp (183.9 KB)



Look at this tutorial (it’s for V-Ray) and see if you find a correspondent in Enscape for the material settings

with V-Ray 5 for SketchUp

I positioned the ‘glass’ group at 15 cm in front of the ‘mirror’ group, and the lights at 7.5 cm.
The ‘glass’ group has two side material, with visible to camera the back face with a glass material, and the front face has mirror material and is oriented towards the mirror located 15 cm away.

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