Building Vray Infinity Mirror Wthout Black Background

Hello Everyone!

I found this tutorial about how to build an infinity mirror in Vray.

I want to make the inside background of the infinity mirror reflective gold not black. It will always appear with black background after I closed the two-way mirror in the front. (Is it because the texture setting for the two-way mirror needs to be changed?)

Please give me any advice on how I can achieve this goal. Thank you, everyone!

Make changes in Mirror material > Refraction

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Thank you for the comment. I tried to adjust the mirror refraction from the two-way mirror. And it became like this. May I know what other different settings you change compared to the video? I follow all the setups from the video and changed the setting you mention.

Thank you

This is the image before changing the two settings and without any lights (other than default Sun).

In your case, first try to get a normal rendered image, with Interactive or Progressive turned off.

Check what lights you have in the scene and what are their settings. It is best to turn off them temporarily, with the exception of the ones in the mirror. Also check what settings you have for the Background (Environment).