Inference during dimension

I am trying to dimension a handrail along the edge. What is the SU inference that prevents me from getting it done? Please assist.

Are you trying to dimension on sketchup or layout?

You have two tools

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-23 a las 14.19.29

The first one shows the dimension

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-23 a las 14.20.57

The second one draw the dimension

Captura de pantalla 2023-11-23 a las 14.23.07

You should take a look at SketchUp courses… SketchUp Fundamentals (Desktop)

It’s hard to tell in your video but it looks like you aren’t anchoring the dimension to the correct point at the wall end of the rail. What is it that you want to dimension? The actual length od that segment of the rail up to the wall? If that’s it, either cut the rail so it ends at the wall and dimension off the end of the rail or at least put in a guideline that intersects the railedge at the wall and dimension from that intersection.

on SketchUp.

Nothing other than that you don’t use endpoints on the same edge, the inner rail length or the outer rail length.
Click on the first enpoint, then on the second endpoint, then drag the dimension out on either XZ-, XY- or YZ-plane.

I am trying to measure the length of the railing from the wall to the first corner. I tried the construction line. Also tried to place a cut. I tried X-ray to see what is behind the wall. This is the file. please have a look at what is going on.

You didn’t place the guideline correctly. Zoom in to the point where the railing goes through the wall.

I drew in a vertical edge where the outside edge of the rail goes through the wall face.

And then I anchored the end of the dimension to the intersection of those two edges. orbiting around to look at the railas below helps to orient the dimension.

A little off topic but your model is pretty messy. You have a lot of incorrectly oriented faces, you aren’t using groups and components.

You have some incorrect tag usage, as well.
Screenshot - 11_23_2023 , 9_01_11 AM

Don’t bother with adding materials, components from the 3D Warehouse, or dimensions until you’ve got the model geometry done correctly.

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Thanks Dave. I realize that the model is badly built by the Architect. He must be a novice. But how it was done without grouping the parts. I want to learn SU. Though SU appears simple enough to learn. This kind of things keeps bugging me so much. I am trying to use it for getting dimensions for the railing and other for an estimate.

It is strange the inferencing is able to let go in the front view. I was able to do it. Thanks. But it tries to do something in other views.

I could not find anything around. I redid the hand rail by push pulling a rectangle to the wall. grouping the vertical posts. I try to do the dimension on the new entity after switching off the previous. It still tries to inference something onto the window shade.
I think the work around for this is to try another view orientation. I may not be lucky in the next situation. I wish there were some other means to disable the inferencing.