Indescribable visual error with sketchup

hi, when I first started a new project I noticed this immediately. If i zoom out, it will bug out, if I select, it will bug out, so basically the program is unusable to me. would like to now what the hell is going on.

This is an issue with your graphics card. You can try, in SketchUp, going to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and changing the state of the Use Faste Feedback check box. That has fixed it for some users. Your profile says your graphics card is an integrated Intel model. Go to the Intel site and get their latest graphics drivers. Install them and doa cold reboot of your computer. Note that integrated Intel graphics are not recommended for SketchUp.

oh my god man. The openGL box did the trick. thank you so much. Must be because you got the best name. epic. cheers.