SketchUp 2015 display error


Hi I have installed Sketchup 2015 pro. When I try to select objects error like this appear instead of simple selection box. On the version of 2013 everything works fine nothing like this happening. Does anybody have the same problem ?

Any suggestions of fixing this error would help a lot.


That has the look of an OpenGL glitch. Try disabling OpenGL hardware acceleration in SketchUp preferences and see if the effect goes away. If so, see if there is a newer driver version for your graphics adapter and search the forum for topics mentioning your specific hardware.


Might also be the fast feedback switch, try turning just that off.
Window > Preferences > OpenGL


I have the same problem on my laptop with the latest release of SU. It has no dedicated gfx card but an embedded IntelHD… gfx solution. Never found a solution for it.


Yes, In sketchup Window > Preferences > OpenGL Settings helped to solve the problem.
Thank you


There have been numerous reports of issues with OpenGL drivers for integrated Intel graphics. Sorry, but at this time I believe the only reliable solution is to get a standalone graphics adapter. Nvidia seem to be the most reliable.