Incorrect shelf label in layout

I don’t know if this is a translation issue. Is Inspectorgljy how you spell “Inspector” in some other language?

edit: Just to get this in the original post, the “The Inspectorgljy” panel doesn’t show up as an option when picking what is going to appear in the Tray.

Also, there are two Inspectorgljy panels in my tray. One below the Pattern Fill panel, and another under the Dimension Style panel.

What is your native language? Possibly the panel name referred to might be “instructor”.

US English. I’m using the latest version of LayOut. I don’t remember there even being an inspector tray. No matter what I select in the layout, the panel is completely blank other than ust the “Inspectorgljy” panel header.

Restart the computer, if that doesn’t fix it close the tray. Is this on Win or Mac?

Windows. The mac version looks very different (one of my biggest gripes with sketchup).

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the downloaded file and choose “run as administrator”? If not do so and choose the repair option in the installer.

Yes. In fact I was sent a special installer from the support staff that included all of the Microsoft Libraries. This special installer was because of another bug related to typing dimensions. However I’ve upgraded at least twice since the initial install using the usual method of clicking the notification link.

BTW, I restarted the software (instead of the OS like you suggested) and the extra panels are gone. I don’t think this should be considered a resolved issue, though. Hopefully the thread isn’t closed before sketchup catches wind of it. Should I raise this to the support staff, or is posting on this forum enough for this to be seen by the devs?

Yes / No ?


@colin, Do you have any ideas as to what is happening with the trays?

I hadn’t heard of this before. Let’s see if @trent knows about it.

Hi all, no, I am not sure why you would be seeing a couple extra inspectors or why they are labeled like this.
I see you have the default and a custom Tray (LayOut) , did you create any custom toolbars?

If you see this again, you could close LO then delete the UserInspectorLayuot.xml file in your AppData Roaming folder. You will need to reset up your custom Tray but it should get you to a clean state.