Solid Inspector 1

Just used the extension warehouse to download SOLIDINSPECTOR 1 because SOLIDINSPECTOR 2 told me “Everything is shinny” & yet “Entity info” had no volume listed. Unfortunately, SOLIDINSPECTOR 1 though showing up in preferences/extensions/installed does not show up in the window menu next to SOLIDINSPECTOR 2 like it use to in SketchUp 2015. I can’t find it in any of the menus. I need to see the problems with the object. The volume is important. Is there another extension that would allow me to see where any problems are in the group? Any ideas would be appreciated.
Sorry, just upgraded to SketchUp 2016 on Win 10 Desktop PC.

I just installed Solid Inspector and it shows up in the menu right above Solid Inspector2. How did you install it?

Hi DaveR, I finally got it in the same location. As you said right above Solidinspector 2. I think TT-2 Lab had to load & the model had to closed & reopened even though SketchUp said it was installed & ready?
I also think I have an outdated SOLIDINSPECTOR 2. Is there anyway to update it?

You can get the most current version of Solid Inspector2 from the Extension Warehouse. You should probably make sure you install a fresh version of TT Lib2 while you’re at it.

It’s a good idea to at least monthly go to the EW and check to see that all your extensions are up to date. If you sign in, it’s dead easy to check.

Thanks DaveR,
I’m guessing I should check Preferences/Extensions to see which version I have then just install the newer ones? There doesn’t seem to be an uninstall extension or update extension so the newer versions installation should take care of it?

Sorry about the delay in response, the electricity went out this morning & they didn’t turn it back on until just now, Mexican CFE the “World Class Enterprise” from Mexico. One breaker on the pole popped out & they sent 2 guys from 15 minutes away to put it back in six hours latter. Takes ten minutes tops.

That’s one way to do it. If you already have extensions from the EW installed, you can let the EW tell you if they are up to date. Hover over your name in the upper right corner and then click on My Extensions. You’ll get a page showing your extensions and their status. Extensions that are out of date will be indicated first.

Thanks DaveR, will check it out right now